NHK Report; Fukushima Meltdowns Released More Radiation Than Assumed

A recent NHK video report on the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns revealed some critical new details about the meltdowns and the extent of the releases from the plant.
The report documents that the water injected into the reactors by fire engines now has a known failure rate. Before, TEPCO had admitted “most” of the sea water injected as a last ditch effort to cool the reactors didn’t make it into the reactors but instead flowed backwards into the turbine buildings. NHK’s report puts actual numbers to the issue. 30 metric tons of water per hour was injected by the fire trucks but only 1 metric ton per hour made it to the reactors. This 1 ton per/hr converts to 4.4 gallons per minute, just slightly less than the contents of the typical 5 gallon pail per minute.

NHK went further and involved a group of experts to determine what this rate of water …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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