Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup, Jan 26, 2015

Kagoshima residents drop restart lawsuit on the Sendai nuclear plant after power company threatens harassment lawsuit
TEPCO blames increase in worker injuries and deaths on workers. Govt. officials and workers cite issues such as the inability to communicate while wearing face masks and the large volume of untrained workers being brought in.
TEPCO has stopped work at Daiichi and Daini to investigate causes of worker deaths
Energy experts point out the poor decision making of Japan’s government on an energy future
METI published a new radiation map using a monitoring car to take readings in the Fukushima evacuation zone
A citizens group in Fukushima expressed their outrage that prosecutors again failed to indict TEPCO executives for their role in the nuclear disaster
Radiation in rice lowered to below govt. limit but still may contain radioactive contamination
Government mulls 15%-20% target for nuclear power output by 2030
The history of the Ginna nuclear plant and potential closure reads like …

Source: Fukushima Sub