Ceiling Collapse In Wipp Underground Nuclear Storage Site

An 8 by 8 foot section of ceiling in the panel 3 access drift has collapsed at WIPP. The area of the collapse is also in the contaminated areas of the mine. Officials announced it today but the collapse happened January 15th. A larger problem was admitted earlier this month. WIPP contractors had been saying that doing ceiling bolting activities were their priority, even above dealing with the at risk storage rooms and unstable barrels in room 6 and 7. Seven ceiling areas were found to be unsafe and are now labeled as restricted.
The effort to try to resume ceiling bolting activities was also stymied earlier this month when an oversight inspection found errors in the estimates for running the needed machinery with the air handling system in filtration mode. Filtration mode is required to keep the contamination from the exploded barrel from being released to the environment but the …

Source: Fukushima Sub