Worker Seriously Injured In Tanks At Fukushima Daiichi

A 50 year old worker at the plant sustained serious injuries yesterday when he fell into a empty tank. The worker sustained a number of injuries from his fall.
Left pneumothorax, left 4-5_6 rib fractures, sciatica right side,
Fractures, unstable pelvic fracture, left thigh, trochanter
The worker was responsive but unable to move when they evacuated him from the work area. The hospital helicopter was unable to transport him due to bad weather but was eventually taken by ambulance to the hospital in Iwaki.
TEPCO has been criticized recently by the press for not reporting all of the worker injuries at the plant. Since that problem came out, TEPCO has been more forthcoming about daily injury reporting. This is the second serious tank farm injury in about a month.
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