Fukushima Daiichi Seafront Well Radiation Skyrockets

Well number 1-12 experienced an over 50 times increase in radiation this week. The well sits between the unit 1 and unit 2 intakes. This reading is the highest to date for this well. It is currently unclear exactly what is causing the increase since no nearby wells increased before or in conjunction with this one.
There are three possible reasons for this well to increase:
1. The groundwater plume of contamination from unit 1 is now reaching this area. TEPCO groundwater plume mapping assumed the contaminated water released from the unit 1 turbine building would eventually reach this area.
2. The concreting of the unit 2 trench that had been full of highly contaminated water since 2011 has caused leaking contaminated water to divert over to this area. TEPCO said within recent weeks that the portions of this trench that were not yet filled in with concrete were seeing contaminated water re-fill …

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Radioactive contamination level jumped over 57 times outside of underground wall

Cs-134/137 and all β nuclides (including Sr-90) density showed the rapid increase in groundwater, according to Tepco.

The sample was taken in the seaside of Reactor 2. Sampling date was 1/12/2015.

Compared to the previous measurement of 1/8/2015, Cs-134/137 density rose up by 57 times, all β nuclides density also rose up by 57 times.

This is the highest reading measured from this boring.

Tepco hasn’t identified the reason. This boring is located outside of the underground wall to stop contaminated groundwater flowing to the sea.

Theoretically, it is natural to assume the high level of contamination is flowing to the sea without anything to stop.



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