Japan Nuclear Utilities Ironically Protest Safer Fuel Storage

Asahi Shimbun ran an article recently explaining that some of the nuclear power companies in Japan were resisting a move to make them store more of their spent fuel in casks.
Cask storage is a much safer solution than leaving fuel in spent fuel pools, as clearly documented in the Fukushima nuclear disaster. While the spent fuel pools at Daiichi became a long term risk to public safety and the ability to deal with the disaster, the casked fuel on site was a non issue.
At Daiichi a cask storage facility resides at the sea front. This building took the full assault of the tsunami without any major damage or serious problem. The cask storage facility was one of the very few things that worked right during the disaster. TEPCO’s later reviews had concerns for possible sea water corrosion to the cask seals but no immediate dangers were presented by the casks …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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