TEPCO Admonished For Corner Cutting That Caused Massive 2014 Fukushima Radiation Release

NRA has issued an administrative order over the misuse of spray dust inhibitors. While the subject sounds benign, this corner cutting caused the massive release of contaminated dust from the plant that was the biggest release from the plant since the initial disaster.
The dust inhibitor liquid used at the plant was supposed to have a 10 part dilutions. TEPCO was diluting it by 100. NRA also found that they were not using it often enough. Instead of spraying it daily or right before work they were only spraying it every few days or few weeks and at these highly diluted rates. This effort to cut corners caused twelve workers at the plant to be contaminated, was found in offsite monitoring nearby and was detected all the way in Miyagi prefecture by Kyoto University’s dust monitoring station.
So far there has been no effort to determine if any of the public downwind …

Source: Fukushima Sub