Greenpeace Survey Finds Unsafe Radiation Levels In Fukushima

A new Greenpeace radiation survey done in Fukushima prefecture, outside the evacuation zone, showed unsafe levels of radiation. Various locations around the prefecture including Fukushima City still show with hot spots that are above the safety limits.
Places with unsafe levels included in front of a hospital, on roads and other locations. Levels in less traveled locations such as forests were much worse. The government has avoided dealing with the unsafe levels and hot spots by taking an average of multiple readings to declare a location “safe”. This same tactic is frequently used in contaminated food and radioactive water where the offending reading or item is diluted with other readings or items to make the offending item read under set safety levels. This tactic has also been used by UNSCEAR to declare the health damage from Fukushima Daiichi to be non existent by diluting those exposed into the entire population of Japan.
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Source: Fukushima Sub