Cesium-137 detected from a pregnant woman in Matsudo city Chiba

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Cesium-137 was detected from a pregnant woman in Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture among 13 maternity testees. The specific density is not announced.

Matsudo city government has been supporting a part of the cost to have whole body counter test since 10/1/2012, which is to analyze radioactive density in human body.

By 9/30/2014, 250 people have had the test and Cesium-134/137 has been detected from 25 of them. The breakdown of result is as follows.

Pregnant woman : 1 / 13 testees

Infant (1 ~ 5 years old) : 6 / 107 testees

Elementary school students : 10 / 83 testees

Junior high school students : 1 / 11 testees

High school students : 3 / 10 testees

Substitutes of infants : 4 / 26 testees

The city government concluded that none of the testees have the effective dose over 0.1 mSv, which is assumed to be physically harmless.

However neither of the specific density nor even the lowest detectable level of this test are announced.

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