Fukushima Unit 1 Had Part Of Cover Removed

In an unannounced move TEPCO removed one of the cover panels for the unit 1 building cover. They told the press they would leave it like this to see if the dispersal agents they sprayed earlier in the week were working. TEPCO’s current plant monitoring was insufficient to detect the massive release of radioactive dust during unit 3′s demolition work. No additional monitoring has been added at the plant or nearby to attempt to catch radioactive dust releases. TEPCO has used brief dust monitoring near the reactor buildings by dangling a dust monitoring unit briefly over the reactor building. This is not done during actual demolition work and is only for a brief time, making it ineffective to actually “see” the true picture of what is going on. Normally a dust monitor runs for a long period of time (days, weeks) to obtain a sample.
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Source: Fukushima Sub

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