4 Nuclear Stories This Week That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

Hanford’s Toxic Mystery Gas
Workers have been complaining for a long time about exposure to toxic gasses from the decaying tank farm at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state. In the last year multiple workers had been taken to the hospital after smelling odd smells while working at the tank farm. A some workers have come forward after being so disabled and ill they could not longer work. Meanwhile DOE and the contractor that manages the work on the tank farm insisted there was no risk and that they were not liable because gas masks were available on site.
A new study by a 3rd party group of experts from the Savannah River nuclear site found that there is a risk and that workers were likely exposed to toxic gasses that were either not properly detected or were explained away by the process the contractor used to record monitoring data.
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Source: Fukushima Sub

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