Fukushima; Radiation Spike In Unit 1 Discharge Canal

TEPCO hasn’t released radiation readings for the set of discharge canals for well over a year. This location has been historically quite high when they sampled it before. TEPCO announced that the sampling location in the discharge canal was again quite high while a downstream location was not. They provided no explanation where they assume the highly contaminated water is migrating to.
Beta radiation: 120,000 bq/liter
Cesium 134: 31,000 bq/liter
Cesium 137: 95,000 bq/liter
TEPCO closed off the end of the discharge canal early on in the disaster during attempts to block highly contaminated water from continuing to leave the plant. This admission comes soon after admissions of high level land side leaks from the unit 2 reactor building and increases in the sea front monitoring locations in the path of the unit 1 contaminated water plume.

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