New Experiment Shows How WIPP Barrel Event Likely Happened member Gasbuggy (Vernon Brechin) conducted an experiment related to the event in WIPP. As has been widely reported, the barrel that had an event or explosion was admitted to have organic wheat based cat litter along with nitrate salts in the liquid wastes being disposed of in WIPP
We did a previous less detailed experiment with this wheat based cat litter that can be found here. This new experiment by Gasbuggy compares a clay litter (as had been used previously by Los Alamos) and the new wheat based cat litter used on the suspect barrels. The litter absorbents are used to soak up a nitrate salt solution then dried. The resulting experiment clearly shows the drastic difference between the two litters and exactly how reactive the wheat based litter is when combined with a nitrate salt. Details of the process are included in the narrative of this rather amazing video.

Gasbuggy’s …

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Typhoon Causes Some Disruptions At Fukushima Daiichi

Typhoon Phanfone causes some minor disruptions at Fukushima Daiichi. TEPCO reported some water infiltration into units 1 and 3 in areas where the buildings have openings due to the response work and existing damage.
Pressure in the reactors was up slightly as was hydrogen numbers. Both were small enough rises to not be of concern at this point. Checks of the webcams at the plant showed light rain but no other disturbance while radar and weather maps show the storm has moved out to sea.

Typhoon Vongfong is causing more concern as it appears to be gaining strength rather than weakening. Current storm paths have it moving towards Japan.

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Source: Fukushima Sub