Late Season Typhoons Target Fukushima Daiichi

Typhoon Phanfone is already hitting southern Japan. It was initially expected to hit Fukushima prefecture straight on. The newest predictions have it skimming the area but rainfall amounts for the area near Fukushima Daiichi border the two range zones of 3-5 inches and 5-8 inches so the area could still get considerable rainfall.
The typhoon has already weakened to a category 1 before it fully hits Tokyo Monday morning.

Typhoon Vongfong has already hit Guam causing considerable damage and is expected to strengthen and head towards Japan. It is too early for an accurate prediction if this one will specifically hit Fukushima Daiichi or what the strength would be. As more is known about this storm we will post updates. The one two punch if both storms hit the plant have the potential to cause considerable problems and possibly more contamination being washed out to sea.

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Source: Fukushima Sub; Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup Oct 5, 2014

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Source: Fukushima Sub