Bardarbunga volcano - the lava eruption on Holuhraun continues, Iceland

The fissure eruption of Bardarbunga volcano is continuing at a stable level, according to IMO report published at 06:50 UTC today. No explosive activity is observed, the eruption remains an effusive lava eruption. Visual observation by webcam and low level volcanic tremor on seismometers do not show any obvious changes since evening.From observations yesterday evening, the volume of erupted lava is between 16 and 25 million cubic meters. Gas and steam rises to a couple of hundred meters above the eruption site, extending up to 1 200 m downwind.The Aviation Color Code for Bardarbunga remains at ‘orange’ and the code for Askja volcano at ‘yellow’.Most of the 250 earthquakes detected from midnight to 06:50 UTC were located in the northern part of the magma intrus… »

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Highly Radioactive Boar Found In Germany This Week

Wild boar exceeding the German limit of 600 bq/kg were found in the region of Saxony. The boar have been being tested since 2012 with some dozens of times over the limit. In a year more test over the limit than below even decades after Chernobyl. The Saxony region is 700 miles from Chernobyl yet still harbors this ongoing problem. Foods such as mushrooms and wild berries are still considered unsafe to eat in Germany.
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Night sky guide for September 2014

The Moon will be well placed for observation in the evening sky on September 2. It will place itself directly opposite the Earth from the Sun on September 9 at 01:38 UTC and will be fully illuminated – this full moon is known as Full Corn Moon and the Harvest Moon. On the same day, Piscid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity but the full moon will severely limit the observations.Mars and Saturn are visible low in the evening sky during September and the star cluster M2 in Aquarius is featured.Early risers can look at the eastern horizon, find Jupiter and use it to observe the huge pyramid of light – Zodiacal Light – appearing one to two hours before sunrise. Zodiacal Light is the reflection of sunlight of cosmic dust particles, the debris from… »

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Yellowstone volcano super hoax

The Yellowstone Supervolcano may erupt without warning. An eruption of the massive calderas would effect Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, even potentially having worldwide effects. That being said, there is absolutely no evidence supporting its impending eruption. Recently an article was released by a news agency purportedly announcing an imminent eruption “within weeks”, as well as an evacuation order issued by the park. The article cited the recent road damage caused by increased temperature over a thermal area as well as an increase in earthquakes. It then went onto go as far as falsifying a quote by a senior volcanologist in the park and posting a video showing animals supposedly fleeing from the park.Cumulative earthquake counts (provided by the University of Utah) … »

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