; Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup, Aug 31, 2014

20 tons of fish returned to Japan from South Korea
Whitebait fishing resumes off Fukushima Pref.
TEPCO bypass operation failing to have an impact
Yoshida transcripts to be released soon, some question that the full transcripts may be different than the leaked excerpts in conclusions drawn.
3 overseas firms picked to help tackle Fukushima plant toxic water
Don’t bank on nuclear restarts Japanese Public Seen as Biggest Obstacle to Nuke Restart Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost 11 tril. yen: study
Tsunami risk in Sea of Japan region just as high as Pacific coastline
8 billion yen earmarked for Fukushima Daiichi research
Major budget cut planned for radiation forecasting tool for nuclear accidents Fukui to review mudslide dangers in wake of Hiroshima disaster
Russia to develop system to filter radioactive Fukushima water

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Bárðarbunga volcano aviation color code raised back to Red, Iceland

Another fissure eruption has started in Holuhraun, an ice-free area north of the Bárðarbunga volcano, on Sunday morning (UTC), August 31, 2014. This is the same place as Friday’s eruption. Icelandic Met Office has again increased aviation color code of the volcano to Red. Intense seismic activity continues around the volcano.Scientists pointed out out that the lava which entered the surface on Friday was only about a thousandth of the magma on the move under the surface.Accordint to IMO, at this moment it is unclear how the situation will develop. However, four scenarios are considered most likely: The migration of magma could stop, resulting in a gradual reduction in seismic activity and no further eruptions. The dike could reach the … »

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15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows to the Pacific every single day / Tepco under-reported it 1/15 at press conference

Following up this article.. 5 Billion Bq of Strontium-90 flows to the sea every single day [URL]

15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows from Fukushima plant area to the sea every single day. Tepco reported it in the handout submitted to Fukushima fishery cooperative on 8/25/2014.

In the press conference of the same day, Tepco announced it was 1 Billion Bq, which is 1/15 times much as the actual amount.

It is not clear if Tepco tried to under-report it intentionally or not. Tritium cannot be removed by any of the purification systems of Tepco.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

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