Fukushima Refueling Machine Portion Falls In Spent Fuel Pool

TEPCO is reporting that the console portion of the refueling machine that fell into the spent fuel pool of unit 3 during the initial explosion has now fallen further into the pool. Workers were attempting to remove the section of the refueling machine from the pool when it broke loose and fell into the pool.
TEPCO thinks it fell into a section of the pool beside the fuel racks but will be doing an underwater camera inspection to confirm. TEPCO claims there were no increases in radiation levels at unit 3 or at the plant. We have not yet confirmed this with outside monitoring. TEPCO also plans to test the water in the spent fuel pool for changes that might indicate fuel damage.
Approximate location where the crane is assumed to have fallen
Crane grasping the console for removal
Console lost
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Source: Fukushima Sub

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