WIPP; Cause Still Unknown, Missing Records, State Radiation Monitoring Lapsed

The LA Times covers the ongoing issues at WIPP. Their findings match with ours in our efforts to follow the events after the explosion in the mine. Records kept at WIPP have many missing records in the public inventory system. We have asked WIPP and DOE officials multiple times through multiple channels why the inventory system has so many blank and missing record files. They have repeatedly refused to provide an explanation for the blank barrel records or to explain when that would be corrected.
The Times also points out during the initial incident there was no radiation protection staff at the plant and they were unable to locate the on call person. It also took 13 hours to set up the emergency response center.
The state of New Mexico has admitted they did not have radiation monitoring staff in the Carlsbad office. An EPA review found missing, mis-dated and incorrect radiation …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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