Geomagnetic storm in progress, auroras visible at high latitudes

Plasma cloud unleashed by M-class solar flare on August 22 reached our planed early Wednesday, August 27. Wind speeds increased from near 280 km/s to 340 km/s while density remained primarily between 5-10 p/cc (protons per cubic centimeter).Active to minor storm (G1) conditions are expected throughout the day with a chance for a major geomagnetic storm level (G2). CME effects are expected to wane by the end of the day, replaced by the arrival of a positive polarity CH/HSS on August 29. Unsettled to active conditions are expected on August 29. Quiet to unsettled conditions are forecast for August 30 ad the CH/HSS impacts subside.Potential impacts: area of impact primarily poleward of 60 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude, weak power grid fluctuations can occur, minor impact o… »

Source: Solar News

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