Japan To Pay 820 Mil To Damaged Town, TEPCO Liable In Evacuee Suicide

NHK reported today that an 820 million USD agreement was reached to allow the towns of Futaba an Okuma to be used to store nuclear debris from Fukushima Daiichi. The government insists the effort isn’t a permanent dump and will still need to buy or lease land from the landowners.
TEPCO was found liable and ordered to pay 900,000 USD in the suicide death of evacuee Hamako Watanabe. Mrs. Watanable of Kawamata was distraught over losing her home due to the nuclear disaster.
“The court ruling says Watanabe had wished to continue living in her hometown in peace with her family, growing flowers and vegetables, but was forced to live in a shelter with no end in sight. It says she was presumably under unbearable stress. … Hamako Watanabe used gasoline to set herself alight when she was allowed a temporary visit home in July 2011.”
She left behind a husband and 3 children.
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Source: Fukushima Sub

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