Muon Detection Tests Begin In Japan Towards Fuel Detection at Fukushima Daiichi

A sample testing box set was tested at JAEA’s Tokai reactor in late July. The tests helped them come up with what they think will be proper shielding for the detectors. IRID reports that they think about 10cm of shielding should be enough to enable detectors to be installed at Fukushima Daiichi.

There will still be considerable challenges to an actual installation. In order to do the actual detection on the containment structure of each reactor, one of the two muon units will need to be buried near the reactor buildings. Contaminated groundwater and underground structures pose problems with this. High levels of contamination outside the reactor buildings also pose problems with operating the detectors and to actually place the containers. Areas such as the 10,000 sievert readings near the unit 1 & 2 vent tower may pose considerable problems for installing equipment near those buildings.

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Source: Fukushima Sub

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