More Fukushima Children Found With Thyroid Cancer

Another periodic report from the Fukushima Health Survey has found more thyroid cancers in children. Another 14 cancers were confirmed since the last report in May 2014. This brings the total number of thyroid cancers (confirmed or suspected) at 103. Some news outlets were reporting it as 104 but one case was confirmed during surgery to have not been a malignant cancer.
Of the 295,689 children given an initial examination 48.5% had some form of nodule or cyst. The rate of cancer or number of children receiving a biopsy is not a full representation of the population yet as not all examinations or secondary examinations have been completed. The data released is hard to make clear conclusions from as important portions are frequently not included making it hard for people to connect the dots about cause and effect from exposures. Some municipal data has been included but as it is incomplete, it …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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