Moderately strong solar flare reaching M3.9 erupted from Region 2146

After M2.0 at 15:11 UTC today Active Region 2146 erupted with another M-class solar flare. This latest event started at 20:06, peaked at 20:21 as M3.9 solar flare and ended at 20:29 UTC.As with previous event the majority of plasma cloud appears to be directed away from our planet.NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 50% chance for M-class, and 10% chance for X-class solar flare in next two days.SunspotsThere are currently 8 numbered sunspot regions on the disk. Region 2151 developed a small trailer spot, but remained largely unchanged since the M5.9 flare yesterday. Other regions on the visible disk were either stable or in decay.Sunspots on August 25, 2014. Image credit: NASA SDO/HMI2141 – Alpha2142 – Beta2143 – Beta2146 – Beta2148 – Beta2149 – Bet… »

Source: Solar News

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