Moderately strong M2.0 solar flare erupted from Region 2146

Moderately strong M2.0 solar flare erupted on August 25, 2014, from Active Region 2146 (beta). The event started at 14:46, peaked at 15:11 and ended at 15:31 UTC.A Type II (707 km/s), IV and Tenflare (170 sfu) radio emissions were associated with this event. Type IV emissions occur in association with major eruptions on the sun and are typically associated with strong Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and solar radiation storms.It is possible that part of the plasma cloud is directed toward our planet. More information will be available after the analysis.NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 50% chance for M-class, and 10% chance for X-class solar flare in next two days.Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP4Serial Number: 473Issue Time: 2014 Aug 25 1539 UTCALERT: Type IV Radio EmissionBegi… »

Source: Solar News

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