Powerful solar flare reaching M5.9 erupted from Region 2149

A powerful solar flare measuring M5.9 at its peak time erupted from eastern limb of the Sun on August 24, 2014, at 12:17 UTC. The event started at 12:00, peaked at 12:17 and ended at 12:25 UTC.The source was new AR 2151 located at the eastern limb. Coronal Mass Ejection produced by this eruption should not be Earth directed.NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 30% chance for M-class, and 5% chance for X-class solar flare in next two days.The geomagnetic field has been at quiet levels for the past 24 hours. Solar wind speed, as measured by the ACE spacecraft, reached a peak speed of 358 km/s at 22/2312Z. Total IMF reached 5 nT at 23/0505Z. The maximum southward component of Bz reached -4 nT at 23/0601Z. Electrons greater than 2 MeV at geosynchronous orbit reached a peak level … »

Source: Solar News

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