Sudden, powerful explosion at Ubinas volcano, Peru

A powerful and sudden explosion occurred at Ubinas volcano, Peru, on August 21, 2014. This latest strong eruption started at 20:36 UTC (15:36 local time). The explosion ejected blocks up to 2 km away from the volcano.The eruption was likely a vulcanian-type event, i.e. caused by the sudden release of pressure as viscous (sticky) and gas-rich magma had accumulated beneath a solid plug in the vent. It shows that the eruptive phase at the volcano continues and is capable of producing extremely dangerous explosions, VolcanoDiscovery reported.(3) En este enlace podrán ver el video de la explosión registrada en el volcán #Ubinas.— IGP (@igp_peru) August 21, 2014Video courtesy IGPINGEMMET reported that during… »

Source: Solar News

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