Japan NRA To Create Panel To Explore Volcano Risks To Nuclear Plants

Japan’s NRA has established a panel to investigate volcano risks to nuclear plants, on the heels of their claim that the volcano risk to the Sendai nuclear plant is “negligible”. While establishing the panel, the NRA also began to back peddle on their claims of safety against volcanos at Sendai. NRA later called the risk negligible “at the moment” and admitted they have not obtained enough knowledge about the volcano risk to nuclear plants in Japan.
Our research and that of volcano scientists in Japan found the risks to be considerable. It is not just the eruption and lava that cause risks but the ash that can be spread long distances. Ash can hinder the operation of power lines, diesel generators and vehicles including heavy equipment. We outlined our concerns here in an in depth look at the risks at the Sendai nuclear plant.
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Source: Fukushima Sub

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