A triple tropical tempest train: Tropical Storm/Hurricane "Karina", tropical storms "Lowell" and "Marie"

There are currently three tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific Ocean – Tropical Storm/Hurricane “Karina”, Tropical Storm “Lowell” and newly formed Tropical Storm “Marie”. Both Karina and Lowell will gradually weaken over the next couple of days. Marie, however, is expected to rapidly intensify and reach major hurricane status (Category 3 or greater on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale) by Monday, August 25.​ All of them were captured in infrared image at 09:00 UTC today by GOES-West satellite (below). All of them were tropical storms at the time.Tropical Storm “Karina”, Tropical Storm “Lowell” and newly formed Tropical Storm “Marie” on August 22, 2014. Image credit: NASA / GoddardTropical Storm &… »

Source: Solar News

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