Moderately strong M3.4 solar flare erupted from eastern limb

Moderately strong solar flare reaching M3.4 at its peak time erupted on August 21, 2014. The event started 13:19, peaked at 13:31 and ended at 13:42 UTC. The source was new active region located on the eastern limb. If Coronal Mass Ejection was generated by this event it would likely be directed away from Earth.This region produced several C-class solar flares in last 24 hours and is likely to produce more.NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 10% chance for M-class, and 1% chance for X-class solar flare in next two days.SunspotsThere are currently 7 numbered sunspot regions on the disk. Region 2146 (N10E14, Cso/beta) grew during in last 24 hours and was responsible for two notable events. The first was a C2/Sf flare at 20/2157 UTC. This event was accompanied b… »

Source: Solar News

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