Fukushima Worker Testimony Made Public, Reveals Height Of The Crisis

“Father, Mother, please forgive me for dying before I could fulfill my duty as a son. After the earthquake, I would have wished to hear your voices even once.” “I did not give up on life until the very end.”
As portions of the hundreds of testimonies given to the government investigation into the Fukushima nuclear disaster Asahi Shimbun and Kyodo News have been facilitating their dissemination to the public. Asahi has previously released and translated plant director Masao Yoshida’s interview, while Kyodo has been releasing worker testimony. Workers described the fear, frustration and chaos at the two plants as they tried to regain control.
Some of the workers in the control rooms penned notes to family members, assuming they would die in their efforts to combat the reactors. Two operators at the unit 1 control room took a photo of themselves hoping someone might find the camera if the worst happened. They …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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