TEPCO To Try Two New Tactics To Stem Radioactive Tide At Fukushima Daiichi

Efforts to freeze a trench near unit 2 in order to remove highly radioactive water has continued to have problems. The ice wall system wasn’t working so TEPCO dropped ice and then dry ice into the trench via a small pipe. They then discovered that the dry ice was clogging in the small pipe they were using to drop ice down by the shovel full. This caused TEPCO to stop all work because apparently ice in August freezing in a pipe is a long term problem. The did find that the ice efforts did allow 90% of the frozen wall to work. There is still 10% that isn’t freezing due to gaps in the frozen wall system. This system is installed around pipes and other small structures in the trench, this is leading to the leak points.
TEPCO has come up with a new batch of ideas including sand bags or …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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