Record breaking rainfall causes deadly Hiroshima landslides, Japan

Record breaking rainfall caused flooding and deadly landslides in the Hiroshima city early Wednesday, August 20, 2014. According to latest reports [21:00 UTC today], 39 people were confirmed dead and 7 were still missing.Hiroshi Ikeya, a landslide expert at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, told NHK that Hiroshima’s geology, consisting of highly water-retentive soil, makes the city particularly prone to such disasters.”The damage was extensive because of intense rain, extremely fragile slopes and the disaster hitting in the dead of night. Mudslides, floodwater, broken trees and debris flowed down the hill, smashing into houses.”Dreadful scenes after #landslide hits #Japan #Hiroshima following over 200mm rain… »

Source: Solar News

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