NHK Admits Fukushima Daiichi Ejected Fuel After Multiple Studies Document It

A rough translation of the NHK article tells something almost unbelievable to see admitted by the state news agency.
“It is a result, in addition to the radioactive cesium, zirconium material of the fuel rods and uranium, and iron of the material of the pressure vessel, material that matches the structure of the nuclear reactor and nuclear fuel has been detected.”
NHK has been one of the less critical news sources in Japan, frequently downplaying or omitting what other news sources have told about the disaster. This has been blamed on the state ties and funding with NHK, something akin to a state media service but more so than what many in the west see in their national broadcasters.
NHK’s new admission comes from this study published by the American Chemical Society, conducted by the University of Tokyo.
The samples were taken March 14-15 of 2011 at the Meteorological Research Institute in Tsukuba using …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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