India's monsoon rains are changing - Heavy rain and extreme floods devastate Odisha, India (again)

Heavy rains that started in Indian state of Odisha, Bay of Bengal, mid July continued through August causing deadly floods and destruction. By Sunday, August 10, 2014, death toll climbed to 45, while flood waters affected more than 3 200 000 people. Over 3 million hectares of crops have been flooded in what might be the worst flooding Odisha experienced in more than 30 years.Flood waters engulfed vast areas of the delta region of Mahanadi river system by August 7, but by today the situation has gradually improved with receding water level in many areas. The discharge of water into sea was also getting slowed down due to yesterday’s full moon. Water level in almost all rivers including Mahanadi dropped considerably, but more than 480 000… »

Source: Solar News

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