Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup; Aug 10, 2014

Japan’s central government to offer 300 billion yen over 30 years for towns near Fukushima Daiichi to host nuclear debris dumps
Taiwan will shut down construction & operation of their new nuclear plant for 3 years to allow time for a public referendum that could permanently shut down the plant.
Nuclear bomb travelling across the UK suffer 70 safety lapses
Japan Subculture Research Center goes in depth to explain the complex interdependency of Japan’s nuclear reprocessing program and the instability of their nuclear power utilities.
US court tells national lab to do more to prevent nuclear waste leaks.
Kyushu Electric Falls on Reported Delay in Restarts: Tokyo Mover
TEPCO to pump up and treat groundwater from near reactors
Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company
Accident at Tokai nuke plant could force 520,000 to evacuate outside Ibaraki Pref.
The NRA has completed the first part of their checks at Fukushima Unit 4 related to …

Source: Fukushima Sub