Typhoon "Halong" approaching mainland Japan

Typhoon “Halong”, which recently became the third Super Typhoon of 2014 in the Western Pacific basin, has lost its strength and is now the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane on Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale. However, it will gain additional strength on its track toward mainland Japan. It is expected to make landfall on Saturday, August 9, with maximum sustained winds near 85 knots (97 mph, 157 km/h – equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane).Halong passed directly over the remote Japanese subtropical island of Minami-Daitojima today with maximum sustained surface winds of approximately 65 knots (74 mph, 120 km/h). The islands also reported a minimum central pressure of 954.3 millibars.Halong will continue moving north-northeast and will pass eas… »

Source: Solar News

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