TEPCO Admits Unit 3 Had Total Melt Through

TEPCO has admitted that the fuel at unit 3 had a complete melt through. This is where 100% of the fuel melts and drops into the containment vessel. TEPCO previously estimated 60% of the fuel melted through. They now claim that the HPCI (cooling system) ceased working at 5:30 am March 13, 5 hours earlier than the previous estimate. This was 26 hours before the massive hydrogen and steam explosion at unit 3.
This piece of information is extremely important. It changes the interpretation of the series of known events during the initial disaster. This also changes many assumptions about radioactive releases to the environment. In turn those releases may change or explain many more things discovered since the initial meltdowns. We will have more on this and other new admissions about the meltdowns as we process information along side our existing data.

This article would not be possible without the extensive …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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