Kuchinoerabujima volcano erupts after 34 years, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Japan’s Kuchinoerabujima volcano, which last erupted in 1980, had a new eruption on August 3, 2014, at 03:24 UTC (12:24 local time). Japanese volcanologists raised the alert level to 3 and closed access to the summit area. The eruption lasted about 10 minutes and consisted of a single powerful explosion from the Shintake crater which sent and ash plume to approximately 1.5 km height.Much of the erupted mass collapsed into an impressive pyroclastic flow, VolcanoDiscovery reports.Nearby residents were evacuated through the ash-free field of view. There are no reports of victims or damage.Kuchinoerabujima volcano eruption on August 3, 2014. Image courtesy of kuchi-erabu.org.Geologic summaryA group of young stratovolcanoes forms the eastern end of the irregula… »

Source: Solar News

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