; Fukushima & Nuclear News Roundup July 27, 2014

METI considering opening some evacuation areas over Bon holiday
Iitate Residents File For Arbitration
Former Tomioka mayor dies at 74
Japan to consider not reprocessing spent nuclear fuel
A new type of drone will be used inside Fukushima Daiichi to inspect buildings
High pressure injection system at Oconee had failure due to bad welds and cracks!bhIriT
Japan’s test site for nuclear waste storage could become national nuclear waste dump
Chubu Electric built 250 million yen slush fund to win over politicians
Fukushima evacuees traveled average 273 km in search for shelter
US House tries to prevent the Department of Energy and Defense Department from acting on climate change
How a new evolution of battery storage could totally change the US power market and energy for consumers
US Utilities get more time to gauge nuke flood risks
1994 Study of Nuclear Workers Finds High Cancer Rates
EPA Radiation Monitoring Back Up To Snuff: Inspector General
Areva’s technically flawed EPR reactor is being planned for India
The very …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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