Increased seismic activity at San Miguel volcano, El Salvador

Ash emissions, small explosions and increasing tremor were recorded at San Miguel (Chaparrastique) volcano in El Salvador during July 13/14, 2014. National Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) reported that the seismic vibration of San Miguel volcano remains at very high levels. Internal seismic vibration has fluctuated between 860 and 1312 units during July 13/14, 2014, more than 25 times normal levels. Seismic network stations located on the flanks of the volcano registered a total of 335 microearthquakes, all located on the northern flank of the volcano. The magnitudes ranged between 0.4 and 2.1. Volcano remains at very unstable conditions and could erupt from the summit vent or from the northern… »

Source: Solar News

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