French Polynesia To Destroy Atomic Testing Victims Memorial

The current president of French Polynesia intends to destroy a national monument to the victims of atomic testing. France conducted 193 atomic bombings of the islands between 1966 and 1974. French President Chirac approved two more bomb tests in 1996, right before the international test ban treaty went into effect. The current president of French Polynesia wants to replace the bomb victims memorial with a site dedicated to president Chirac.
The French atomic tests have left the area contaminated with some of the worst contamination located in a crumbling coral reef that could further contaminate the area.
You can read more about the memorial and sign a petition here
More on the history of atomic testing in French Polynesia can be found here:
The Guardian has more information based on newly declassified documents from France about the extent the islands were contaminated and other damage done.

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