Fukushima Unit 5 Experiences Additional Cooling Problem

TEPCO switched the unit 5 spent fuel pool over to sharing the cooling system for the reactor (the RHR system) earlier this week after the valve failure. The reactor and spent fuel pool have been sharing cooling in an alternating fashion for at least two days. Today TEPCO admits that the replacement pump installed for the RHR system in 2012 has been having oil leak problems since June. Yesterday a temporary fix was done to that pump to try to mitigate problems from the oil leak and keep it running. No time table or plan for the valve leak repair for the shut down cooling system has been released by TEPCO.
The graphs below are the reactor vessel temperature (top) and the spent fuel pool temperature (bottom) as of today. The temperature swings due to sharing the pump can be seen in the two graphs and seem to be swings of …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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