Preceding “frozen” water wall not frozen over 2 months – Video

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Preceding frozen water wall hasn’t worked since April [URL]

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A preceding part of the frozen water wall hasn’t been frozen for over a month, according to Tepco.

Tepco has started installing the frozen water underground wall to isolate 4 reactor buildings in Fukushima plant. Preceding the wall, Tepco installed the same wall in underground trench of the seaside of Reactor2 and 3.

Approx. 11,000 t of highly contaminated water is assumed to be retained in this trench to leak to underground and the Pacific.

This was an attempt to stop additional contaminated water flowing from reactor2 turbine building to this trench by freezing water like a wall. However even though they have been trying to freeze the water since the end of April, the water hasn’t been frozen by now.

They assume it is because the inner structure prevents water from being frozen and also the contaminated water is still flowing.

On 7/7/2014, Tepco admitted the preceding “frozen” water wall hasn’t gotten frozen over 2 months after the operation.

They installed the coolant packers at 2 locations of underground trench of the seaside of Reactor2 in the end of April and June but neither of them have been frozen.

As the reason, Tepco comments the water flow is preventing it from frozen. Tepco plans to install additional packers and grout and announces they can still complete freezing the wall by the end of September.

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