Noctilucent clouds outburst reported

Sky watchers in Europe are reporting an outburst of bright noctilucent clouds (NLCs). The display began at sunset on July 3rd, filling northern horizons with electric-blue ripples, swirls, and tendrils of light.Morten Ross sent this picture to from Sandbukta, Norway:Author Morten Ross on July 4, 2014 @ Sandbukta, south of Oslo, Norway. Image via SpaceWeather”An incredibly bright and widespread display – from northern horizon to zenith!” says Ross. “This is only the third night of July and its already much better than last year.” Similar reports have come from France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, England and Belgium.Although most of the reports so far have come from Europe, the nights ahead could bring NLCs to … »

Source: Solar News

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