M6.1 deep earthquake hit Bonin Islands region, Japan

A strong and deep earthquake measuring M6.1 (JMA) hit Bonin Islands region, Japan, on June 30, 2014 at 19:55 UTC. JMA is reporting depth of 561 km. USGS reported M6.2 at depth of 512.4 km (318.4 miles).Epicenter was located 359 km (223 miles) WNW of Chichi-shima, 656 km (408 miles) SSE of Shingu, and 817 km (508 miles) S of Tokyo, Japan.There are no people living within 100 km radius.USGS issued green alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage.Seismotectonics of the Philippine Sea and VicinityThe Philippine Sea plate is bordered by the larger Pacific and Eurasia plates and the smaller Sunda plate. The Philippine Sea plate is unusual in that its borders are nearly all zones of plate converge… »

Source: Solar News

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