Fukushima Corium Experiment Creates Unexpected Result

As part of an ongoing series of corium experiments our research team has been doing, the newest experiment created a quite unusual result. The newest experiment, the fifth in a series conducted by Edano, took the top range of assumed melt mass and ran the experiment with a sustained high heat. Upon completion it was noticed that a modest amount of the lead had left the pedestal but what was in the pedestal was much more interesting! A perfectly formed elephant’s foot was found to have taken place in the pedestal. An elephant’s foot is the name given to an unusual corium melt structure found in Chernobyl.
Elephant’s foot at Chernobyl
The elephant’s foot was also part of a rather bizarre story where liquidators wanted to shoot the formation with a gun to see if they could break it apart to see the interior.
The corium experiments at Brookhaven National Lab found some …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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