Expert “Inflation of the volcanic edifice has been observed in Mt. Fuji since 311/ Stocking 300 years of energy”

A specially appointed professor of Musashino Gakuin University, Shimamura warns about the possibility of Mt. Fuji’s eruption.

He states neighboring volcanos erupted within 4 years after the internationally historical 6 cases of the quakes over M9.0 for 100% possibility. He also adds that inflation of the volcanic edifice has been seen in Mt. Fuji since 311.

A new volcanic island keeps growing in the Pacific offshore Tokyo. (cf, New crater appeared on the new volcanic island / Erupting every 10 seconds / Expert “Extremely active” [URL])

He comments this new island is also on Fuji volcanic belt. Its volcanic activity can affect Mt. Fuji as well.

The last eruption of Mt. Fuji was in 1707. The next potential eruption is assumed to have the energy that has been stocked for 300 years.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima

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