Japanese citizen “School checkup said “No remark”, but a general hospital found goiter with my son in Tokyo”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that there is a possibility that school in Tokyo conceals the thyroid abnormality of students.

0:07 6/22/2014

“It was pointed out that my son’s thyroid is swollen in a physical checkup of his junior high school.

He had a detailed inspection in a major general hospital, and they diagnosed goiter.

However, the result of school physical checkup returned said, “No remark”. What is this ?

Obviously my son had a thyroid problem. Who and what did order to conceal the true checkup result ?

This is scary.. It’s in Tokyo”

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima

Dr. Bill Mullen: Hieroglyphics and the ancient sky - EU2014

Many catastrophist theories use hieroglyphics from around the world for clues about shapes in the ancient sky that are no longer visible. Dr. Bill Mullen’s talk focused on Egyptian hieroglyphics as relevant to the Saturn and polar configuration theory. By studying those hieroglyphs, which bear no obvious resemblance to things seen today, and by reading them in context, he showed which glyphs are the best clues to what our early ancestors experienced.Dr. Mullen received his BA in Classics from Harvard College in 1968 and his PhD from the University of Texas in 1972. He was a Professor or post­doctoral Fellow at Berkeley, Princeton, Boston University, and Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies and St. John’s College. Dr. Mullen settled in the Classics Department at Bard Colleg… »

Source: Solar News

Chef of FIFA World Cup Japanese team also owns a restaurant in J-village / Exporting 100s Kg of JP seafood to serve

The Chef, who belongs exclusively to the Japanese national soccer team of FIFA World Cup is also the owner of the restaurant “Alpine Rose” in J-Village.

“Alpine Rose” has 2 shops in Hirono machi in Fukushima and also in J-village. When Tepco holds a press conference in Fukushima, they use this restaurant.

In order to serve authentic Japanese food to the Japanese national team, the chef, Nishi exported hundreds of Kg of Japanese seafood such as mackerel and Patagonian toothfish to Brazil.

The chef, Nishi would be the right person to help Tepco fight harmful rumor against local marine products.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima

[Photo] Japanese evacuee “Had nettle rash everyday in Tokyo. Had to take antiallergic agent every time.”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that she was having a health problem before moving. Another person commented on the post that she also has a similar problem.

21:53 5/23/2014

“I often had this nettle rash when I was in Tokyo. It took me 3 years to move, and this nettle rash appeared increasingly often. It came up everyday in the end.

I had to take antiallergic agent everyday. Now I never have it after moving.”

22:11 5/23/2014 (A different person)

“What ? I have the same one on a part of my face. So that’s nettle rash. I wonder why..”

22:16 5/23/2014

“It’s itchy. It’s under my right eye and around my chin. When it was only under my eye, I got an ointment from an eye clinic, but it comes back after a while. I think it’s since this March.”

Fukushima Diary is posting this because several friends of mine got the same nettle rash after visiting Fukushima (They didn’t have any before then). One of them has it every morning.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima

Bypass water discharge to the Pacific turned out “meaningless” / Tepco to continue for a few more months

Bypass water discharge has not decreased groundwater flowing to the plant buildings at least by now.

It has been a month since Tepco started pumping up contaminated groundwater to discharge to the Pacific. They have discharged 6,800 t of contaminated groundwater in total.

However, no decrease has been confirmed in the volume of groundwater flowing to the basement of the plant buildings.

Approx. 400 t of groundwater flows into the plant buildings every single day. Tepco was estimating the bypass project would decrease it by 50 ~ 100 t a day.

Tepco is stating they need a few more months to see the effectiveness.

Bypass water discharge, frozen water wall and ALPS are all Japanese government has as measures against the contaminated water issue.

However, ALPS has never been in full operation since last year due to the continuous problems in all of 3 systems. Preceding frozen water wall hit a snag. There is the possibility that all of the measures fall through.

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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima