Violent phase of explosive/effusive activity observed at Etna, Italy

A violent phase of explosive/effusive activity began at Mount Etna early on June 15, 2014. Strombolian activity at the New SE crater and volcanic tremor started to increase on the evening of June 14. Near-continuous explosions from the several vents at the summit of the NSEC occurred in rapid succession and ejected glowing spatter to heights of 100-200 m during in what could be described as pulsating lava fountains. A vent at the eastern part of the summit occasionally ejected dark jets of ash and brown ash plumes from time to time from the northeastern rim of the crater, presumably from collapse events, VolcanoDiscovery reports.Mount #Etna #new #eruption now #live Photo— Turi Caggegi (@TuriCaggegi) June 15, 2014#Etna in #eruzione, #colata la… »

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Space weather highlights for June 9 - 15, 2014: 14 M-class and 3 X-class solar flares

Solar activity began the period at low levels, increased to high levels by midweek, and ended the period at moderate levels. In total, 17 solar flares were measured at or above the M1 (Minor) threshold from June 9 – 15, three of which were X-class (R3-Strong) flares.Region 2087 (S18, L=155, class/area=Eac/220 on June 13) was the most productive region of the period and kicked things off with a pair of X-class flares on June 10. The first event was an impulsive X2/Sf (R3-Strong) flare at 10/11:42 UTC with an associated Tenflare (1400 sfu), a Type-II (878 km/s) radio sweep, and with a subsequent Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) visible off the east limb in SOHO/LASCO C2 coronagraph imagery beginning at 10/12:00 UTC.The second event was an X1/1f (R3-Strong) flare at 10/12:52 with an associate… »

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Puzzling earthquake swarm near Noatak still in progress, northern Alaska

A puzzling swarm of earthquakes which started on April 18, 2014, in northern Alaska is still in progress. USGS recorded two strong and shallow earthquakes – M 5.8 at 12:00 and M 5.7 at 12:01 UTC today – about 25 km ENE of the village of Noatak.According to USGS, there were six M5+ quakes around Noatak since April 18, 2014: M 5.6 @ 23.4 km and M 5.3 @ 33 km on April 18; M 5.5 @ 0.9 km on May 3; M 5.5 @ 16.4 km on June 7; M 5.8 @ 15.7 km and M 5.7 @ 16 km on June 16. They have been accompanied by more than 250 “unusually vigorous” aftershocks, Mike West, a seismologist with the Alaska Earthquake Center, said. “They all have the same cause; the same fault motion, and they occur in more or less the same place,&rd… »

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High Radiation Found On Seabed South Of Fukushima Daiichi

Contaminated soil on the sea floor was found a few kilometers south of Fukushima Daiichi. The samples were collected in late 2013 by NRA and found to have 2000 bq/kg of contamination. NRA cites that the currents run from north to south making contamination along the coast south of the plant likely. The same areas showed fairly low levels of contamination when the sea water itself has been tested. This adds to the concern that much of the contamination may have settled in the sea soils.
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[Photo] Fukushima children play in indoor sandbox

Children in Motomiya city Fukushima play in indoor sandbox.

An assembly member of the Japanese communist party posted on Twitter the picture of actually playing children in the sandbox.

It’s the facility called “Smile kids park”. It was made in July 2012 to let children play indoor instead of evacuating Fukushima. Reconstruction Agency comments the facility was aimed to provide the children with the chance to physically play.

The assembly member commented that children came from nursery schools and kindergartens to the indoor park for the chance to physically play. The sand is chemically processed probably not to make dust in side of the room.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

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