Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: Sun on Trial - EU2014

For nearly 150 years despite the lack of observational evidence, the Sun has been considered to be a ball of gaseous material. Such a postulate rests on mathematical arguments. Nonetheless, observations, not mathematics, properly determine the phases of matter.In this light, a systematic review of 40 solar findings provides ample proof that the Sun is comprised of condensed matter In this presentation, the phase of the Sun will be discussed by contrasting the gas-based Standard Solar Model (SSM) with the Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Solar Model (LMHSM). Unlike the SSM, the LMHSM does not permit the Sun to radiate internally. This is the third of three talks the Dr. Robitaille presented at EU2014.Pierre-Marie Robitaille, PhD is a Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University, with a joint… »

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Hurricane "Cristina" formed off the coast of Mexico

Tropical Storm “Cristina” formed off the coast of Mexico on June 9, 2014, and strengthened into a category 1 hurricane today. Intense rain is anticipated in Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Nayarit. The system is located close to the Mexican coast, population is warned to be cautious and follow notices of state and municipal authorities. Landslides, overflowing rivers and streams, damaged roads, flooding in low-lying areas and drainage saturation in urban areas is possible.At 09:00 UTC today, Cristina had maximum sustained winds of 65 knots (120 km/h, 74.8 mph) and wind gusts of 80 knots (148 km/h, 92 mph). It was located approximately 230 NM (425 km, 264 miles) south of Manzanillo, Mexico, and has tracked west-southwestward at 3 knot… »

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Third X-class solar flare in last 24 hours - Impulsive X1.0 from AR 2087

It seems like the second peak of solar maximum is here. At 09:06 UTC on June 11, 2014, Active Region 2087 located near the southeastern limb erupted with third major solar flare in last 24 hours. This latest event was impulsive X1.0 flare. It started at 08:59, peaked at 09:06 and ended at 09:10 UTC.X1.0 flare was preceded by moderately strong M3.0 from the same region and M1.8 from AR 2080.Impulsive solar flares do not usually release strong CMEs but since we had several partially Earth directed plasma clouds (CMEs) in last couple of days this will probably add up to geomagnetic storming expected to begin on June 13, 2014.Space Weather Message Code: SUMX01Serial Number: 102Issue Time: 2014 Jun 11 0919 UTCSUMMARY: X-ray Event exceeded X1Begin Time: 2014 Jun 11 0859 UTCMaximum Time: 2014 Jun… »

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Fukushima worker accidentally contaminated his own face and inside of the nostrils

On 6/9/2014, Tepco announced they found a sub-contract worker accidentally contaminated his own face and inside of the nostrils.

He was involved in measurement of the pipes. At 11:55 of 6/9/2014, they detected the contamination in seismic isolation building.

It was because he adjusted his full face mask with contaminated gloves.

However, Tepco stated the internal exposure dose for 50 years to come will be only 0.51 mSv from the result of WBC test, which is negligible.


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Evacuee to Kyushu “Blood test result became back normal after 3 months staying in Western Japan”

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the blood test results including white cell count became normal 3 months after relocation to western Japan.

Unfortunately, Fukushima Diary couldn’t identify the original location.

14:44 6/10/2014

“The blood test result went back to normal. It’s been 3 months since I moved to Oita prefecture.

White cell count : 3950 (March) → 4750 (Today)

Lymphocyte count : 890 (October) → 1411 (Today)

I’m so glad it’s improved. I’ve been here since 3/6/2014.”


You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

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Increased solar activity - After two major solar flares an impulsive M3.0 erupts from AR 2087, M1.8 from AR 2080

Solar activity reached high levels yesterday as new Region 2087 (S18E71, Dai/beta-delta) produced an impulsive X2.2 flare peaking at 11:42 UTC and an X1.5 flare at 12:52 UTC. Forecasters estimate 60% chance of M-class, and 30% chance of X-class solar flares in the next two days.The X2.2 flare had an associated 10 cm radio burst (1400 sfu), a Type II radio sweep (878 km/s), and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) off the east limb first seen in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery at 10/12:00 UTC.The X1.5 flare was associated 10 cm radio burst (530 sfu), a Type IV radio sweep, and a partial halo CME first seen at 10/1325 UTC in C2 imagery. Its CME’s estimated speed was around 929 km/s and was observed overtaking the first.WSA ENLIL modeling of the event shows a potential for a glancing blow arrivi… »

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New volcanic island still erupting / Experts “Can’t understand why magma can be coming out for half a year”

↑ Nishino-shima island absorbed by the new volcanic island. The pictures were taken by the Maritime Safety Agency on 5/21/2014.

Following up this article.. New volcanic island grew bigger than the main island [URL]

According to Geological survey of Japan and the Maritime Safety Agency, the new volcanic island has absorbed the neighboring main island and still keeps growing.

At the moment of 5/21/2014, it’s already 86 times large as when it was found for the first time last November, 5 times large as the main island before the eruption.

It has been 6 months, but there is no sign to slow down. Prof. Nogami from Tokyo Inst. of Technology comments they need throughout research to identify what makes it keep erupting continuously.

Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is famous for its continuous eruption but the underground structure is different from Japan.



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